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JENTALA SOLUTIONS  deals in all aspects of DStv services so as to truly be able to give you an exceptional service beyond your expectations give us a call on 078-654-4005. We are committed to delivering highest quality DStv installations through innovation, quality and consistency.Due to our vast knowledge and a wealthy of experience DStv installation Johannesburg has over the years built a solid reputation for service delivery, affordable pricing and professional expertise. At Dstv installation Johannesburg we endeavor to communicate openly and sincerely with customers not only-but also take responsibility for our actions and decisions versus blaming. We treat our customers as equal regardless of race, creed or social standing as a result we operate on first come, first serve basis. Call us now 078-654-4005

Our Services:

Dstv Communal /Commercial Installation   ( Communal Flats, Complexes, Offices & Boardrooms, Bars, Restaurants, & Hotels. We have the expertise to design and install, multiple unit satellite, video and audio solutions.Or help tenants that have moved into Flats Connect There Dstv )

DSTV Single View HD Decoder

View 1 Channel at a time (no PVR functionality)
HD capable (720p and 1080i)
Content Discovery (including multiple search options)
8 Day TV Guide.


The following decoders can be linked in XtraView:
Decoder Combinations
11 series + 11 series DStv Subscription + Access Fee
11 series + Single View DStv HD Decoder DStv Subscription + Access Fee

DSTV Explora

HD capable (720p and 1080i)
Dolby Digital 2.0 capable
Can be connected to the internet for Connected Services*
BoxOffice, DSTV Catch Up, DSTV Catch Up Plus*

Home CCTV Systems

Protect your Home and loved ones with CCTV Cameras in key areas. You can easily access the cameras on your cell phone. CCTV
Systems can be used in any home application for security and monitoring of children. CCTV Cameras can be easily accessed remotely
at any time.

Entrance CCTV

Control who enters your home with a entry CCTV System. With CCTV Cameras at the entrance. Visually confirm who is there and
control access. Entry CCTV Systems are a good addition to security and the CCTV Camera will aid in deterring criminals.

Perimeter CCTV Systems

View your perimeter CCTV Cameras getting full coverage of your home’s perimeter. This is a good way to deter criminals and add
additional protection with a full CCTV System to complement your security


We offer variety of CCTV products and solutions for domestic and corporate needs. We Offer remote viewing on your mobile, so you
can monitor your home or office from anywhere in the world.

We have a solution for ANY DSTV requirement!

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Access Remotes

We can set up new or existing access remotes to work with both your gate motor and garage door motor.
We install the following:
Proximity Access Control
Remotes & Receivers

Security Lighting

Security lighting is used indoors as well as Outdoors. Lighting for security or safety allows residents or occupants to have visibility of
would-be-intruders and provides enough lighting to deter potential criminals.

Intercom Systems

Should you require an intercom system installation to be set up at your home or business? We can assist your every need. Upgrading
your intercom system is another one of our specialities.

Electric Fencing

When choosing your electric fencing you must ensure that it is of the highest quality possible and installed by experts. Contact Jentala
solutions today and let us help you with your electric fencing by maintaining, programming and fixing it.

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